Sentence Examples

  • Since then exterior ornamentation and architectural eccentricities have run riot, and the city is now a mixture of the plain one-storey and two-storey buildings of the Portuguese type, and fanciful modern creations, embellished with stucco and overtopping the others by many storeys.
  • The summits of the Kulu-tau or Kyulyu-tau reach 13,700 to 14,750 ft.; those of the Ak-skiryak 15,000-16,000 ft., overtopping by some2000-3000ft.
  • On a height in a corner towards the west, overtopping the town by 100 -200 ft., are the remains of the old citadel, and the two famous Corinthian columns 1 known as " the Throne of Nimrud."

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