Sentence Examples

  • There are some outpatient treatments that parents or caregivers may administer to reduce their febrile child's discomfort, although there is no evidence that indicates such treatments reduce the risk of febrile seizures.
  • The goal of an addiction intervention is to have your loved one understand how much he or she has affected family and friends and decide to either start a drug/alcohol addiction outpatient or inpatient program.
  • Though these plans provide coverage for a variety of health care needs, such as hospitalization, hospice care, managed care, physician's visits, therapists, and outpatient hospital procedures.
  • Roughly 76 percent of medical workplaces are the offices of dentists, physicians or other types of health-care practitioners, outpatient care centers, diagnostic facilities and labs.
  • The St. Anthony's Sleep Disorder Center is an outpatient center of St. Anthony's BayCare Health System, a mission founded over 75 years ago by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany.