Sentence Examples

  • The resonance in the singer's deep voice made the song sound more powerful.
  • Blondel (Comptes rendus, 1900, 130, p. 1383) consisted in creating a syntony not between the frequency of the oscillations in the sender and receiver circuits but between the groups of oscillations constituting the ' See G.
  • Slaby paid considerable attention to the study of the phenomena connected with the production of the oscillations in the antenna.
  • The oscillations set up in the vertical antenna excited sympathetic ones in the lateral circuit provided this was of the proper length; and the coherer was acted upon by the maximum potential variations possible.
  • Braun showed that oscillations suitable for the purposes of electric wave creation in wireless telegraphy could be set up in a circuit consisting of a Leyden jar or jars, a spark gap and an inductive circuit, and communicated to an antenna either by inductive or direct coupling (Brit.

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