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  • It was accepted by the early biographers, Deane Swift, Orrery, Delany and Sheridan; also by Johnson, Scott, Dr Garnett, Craik, Dr Bernard and others.
  • It contains a large number of interesting monuments, including a brass with the date 873 (supposed to mark the restingplace of King !Ethelred I.), a lunar orrery of the 14th century and an octagonal Norman font of Purbeck marble.
  • The more or less contemporary lives of Swift, most of which contain a certain amount of apocrypha, are those of Lord Orrery (1751); Dr Delany's Observations on Orrery (1754); Dean Swift's Essay upon the Life of Swift (1755); and Thomas Sheridan's Life (of 1785).
  • That knowledge he had derived partly from books, and partly from sources which had long been closed: from old Grub Street traditions; from the talk of forgotten poetasters and pamphleteers, who had long been lying in parish vaults; from the recollections of such men as Gilbert Walmesley, who had conversed with the wits of Button, Cibber, who had mutilated the plays of two generations of dramatists, Orrery, who had been admitted to the society of Swift and Savage, who had rendered services of no very honourable kind to Pope.
  • Knowler (1739); Thomas Carte, Life of Ormonde (1735-1736), and Ormonde Papers (1739); Roger Boyle, earl of Orrery, State Letters (1743); the Contemporary History of Affairs in Ireland, 1641-1652 (1879-1880), and History of the Irish Confederation and the War in Ireland, 1641-1649 (1882--1891), both edited by Sir J.

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