Sentence Examples

  • Soc. (London (President's Address), October 1898), pp. 14-29 (with bibliography from 1875 to 1898 on gigantic landtortoises); Rothschild and Hartert, "Review of the Ornithology of the Galapagos Islands," Novitates zoologicae, vi.
  • The ornithology of New South Wales and Queensland is more varied and interesting than that of the other provinces.
  • TAPACULO, the name 1 given in Chile to a bird of singular appearance - the Pteroptochus albicollis of ornithology, and applied in an extended sense to its allied forms, which constitute a small family, Pteroptochidae, belonging to the Clainatores division of Passeres, peculiar to South America.
  • For the history of the classification of birds see the article Ornithology, where also the more important ornithological works are mentioned.
  • The ornithology of northern Asia is even more closely allied to that of Europe than the mammal fauna.

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