Sentence Examples

  • Odontoglossum and Oncidium include some of the best-known cultivated orchids.
  • But in the other members of the sub-class the detorsion of the visceral mass has carried back the anus and circumanal complex from the anterior dorsal region to the right side, as in Bulla and Aplysia, or even to the posterior end of the body, as in Philine, Oncidium, Doris, &c. Different degrees of the same process of detorsion are, as we have seen, exhibited by the Heteropoda among the Streptoneura, and both in them and in the Euthyneura the detorsion is associated with degeneration of the shell.
  • - Oncidium tonganum, a littoral Pulmonate, found on the shores of the Indian and Pacific Oceans (Mauritius, Japan).
  • Pulmonates which frequent the sea-coast (Oncidium, fig.
  • Except in Oncidium, there is no longer a veliger stage in development.

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