Sentence Examples

  • The full title is as follows: Mirifici Logarithmorum Canonis descriptio, Ejusque uses, in utraque Trigonometria; ut etiam in omni Logistica Mathematica, Amplissimi, Facillimi, expeditissimi explicatio.
  • They formed a new path to Heaven, to tread where no one had tread before.
  • The result of their report was that all pilgrimage thither from the province of Bohemia was prohibited by the archbishop on pain of excommunication, while Huss, with the full sanction of his superior, gave to the world his first published writing, entitled De Omni Sanguine Christi Glorificato, in which he declaimed in no measured terms against forged miracles and ecclesiastical greed, urging Christians at the same time to desist from looking for sensible signs of Christ's presence, but rather to seek Him in His enduring word.
  • ` Quapropter locus est intactus, inane, vacansque Q uod si non esset, nulla ratione moveri Res possent; namque, officium quod corporis exstat, Officere atque obstare, id in omni tempore adesset Omnibus: haud igitur quicquam procedere posset, Principium quoniam cedendi nulla daret res.'
  • His first mention of the subject occurs in a letter to Schikhart dated the i ith of March 1618, in which he writes - " Extitit Scotus Baro, cujus nomen mihi excidit, qui praeclari quid praestitit, necessitate omni multiplicationum et divisionum in meras additiones et subtractiones commutata, nec sinibus utitur: at tamen opus est ipsi tangentium canone: et varietas, crebritas, difficultasque additionum subtractionumque alicubi laborem multiplicandi et dividendi superat."

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