Sentence Examples

  • Regardless of the technique that's used, you will leave an OBE class with a better appreciation of your dream state and how it is possible to manipulate the rate in which you descend into that dream world.
  • Beckham has played soccer in multiple countries, for multiple leagues, and has won recognition for his talents including an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contribution to the sport.
  • Additionally, there are also people of no set religious beliefs who just as successfully attempt to have an OBE experience or maybe have one during a near death experience.
  • William Buhlman is the author of Adventures Beyond the Body and the brains behind the self-initiated OBE taught at the Astral Info OBE workshops.
  • June 23, 2007: The wife of a man from Chile reports how his nighttime OBE visit to a friend convinced the friend that her husband was a "witch type of person."