Sentence Examples

  • Current periodicals are: Studier fra Sprogog Oldtidsforskning (1891), quarterly; Danske Magazin, yearly; Nyt Tidsskrift for Mathematik, monthly; Theologisk Tidsskrift, monthly; Nationalokonomisk Tidsskrift, bi-monthly; Dansk bogfortegnelse, bi-monthly for bibliography; Athenaeum finsk; Tilskueren, monthly; Aarboger for Nordisk Oldkyndighed (archaeology) quarterly.
  • It was thus that Zeuthen (in the paper Nyt Bydrag, " Contribution to the Theory of Systems of Conics which satisfy four Conditions " (Copenhagen, 1865), translated with an addition in the Nouvelles Annales) solved the question of finding the characteristics of the systems of conics which satisfy four conditions of contact with a given curve or curves; and this led to the solution of the further problem of finding the number of the conics which satisfy five conditions of contact with a given curve or curves (Cayley, Comptes Rendus, t.