Sentence Examples

  • The place was named Hippo Regius (Royal) by the Romans because it was a favourite residence of the Numidian kings.
  • It was in these coast mountains of Algeria that the Romans quarried the celebrated Numidian marbles.
  • After the capture of Carthage by Scipio (146 B.C.) this territory was erected into a Roman province, and a trench, the fossa regia, was dug to mark the boundary of the Roman province of Africa and the dominions of the Numidian princes.
  • The marbles of Shemtu are the finest pink Numidian marbles, which were much esteemed by the Carthaginians and Romans.
  • He was educated, like many of the Numidian chiefs, at Carthage, learnt Latin and Greek, and was an accomplished as well as a naturally clever man.