Sentence Examples

  • The nucleo-albumins or phospho-globulins are insoluble in water and acids, but soluble in alkalies, and have an acid reaction.
  • Phosphates, necessary for the formation of skeletons and also for the nucleo-proteid of cells, are about as scarce as nitrogen.
  • Phosphorus containing albumins (nucleo-albumins), caseins, vitellines, nucleo-albumins of the cellprotoplasm, mucoid nucleo-albumins.
  • (I) Nucleo-proteids.
  • Kossel) they give rise to important cell constituents - haemoglobin, nucleo-proteids, &c. " Thymus histone " occurs in the thymus gland; globin occurs in combination as haemoglobin; other histones have been extracted from the red blood corpuscles of the goose and the testes of fishes and other animals.

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