Sentence Examples

  • Aluminium nitride (A1N) is obtained as small yellow crystals when aluminium is strongly heated in nitrogen.
  • Soc., 1868-1870), who showed that the supposed vanadium obtained by previous investigators was chiefly the nitride or an oxide of the element.
  • Rend., 1902, 1 35, P. 73 8) obtained ferrous nitride, Fe3N2, and ferric nitride, FeN, as black powders by heating lithium nitride with ferrous potassium chloride and ferric potassium chloride respectively.
  • Soc., 1901, p. 285) obtained a nitride Fe2N by acting upon anhydrous ferrous chloride or bromide, finely divided reduced iron, or iron amalgam with ammonia at 420°; and, also, in a compact form, by the action of ammonia on red hot iron wire.
  • A nitride appears to be formed when nitrogen is passed over heated iron, since the metal is rendered brittle.

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