Sentence Examples

  • Alcohol is distilled from nipa, coco-nuts, burs (Corypha umbraculifera), cauong (Caryota onusta), pugahan (Caryota urens) and Indian corn.
  • At one place we find drifted fruits of Nipa, at another Hightea and Anona.
  • It has important fisheries, and manufactures salt, pottery, roofing (made of nipa leaves), and nipa wine.
  • In these marshes grows the nipa palm, from which a liquor is distilled - there are a number of small distilleries here.
  • North of San Nicholas is Tondo, the most densely populated district; in the suburbs, outside the fire limits, the greater part of the inhabitants live in native houses of bamboo frames roofed and sided with nipa palm, and the thoroughfares consist of narrow streets and navigable streams. Paco, south-west of Intramuros, has some large cigar factories, and a large cemetery where the dead are buried in niches in two concentric circular walls.

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