Sentence Examples

  • Nike and Ellis.
  • It is probable that this larger plan had to be given up, because it would have interfered with sacred objects such as the precinct of Artemis Brauronia and the altar of Nike, and religious conservatism prevailed over the waning influence of Pericles.
  • Two pieces of polygonal wall, one beneath the bastion of Nike Apteros, the other in a direct line between the Roman gateway and the door of the Propylaea, are all that remain of the primitive defences of the main entrance.
  • Next in interest to these noble structures is the beautiful little temple of Athena Nike, wrongly designated Nike Apteros (Wingless Victory), standing on the bastion already mentioned; it was begun after 450 B.C. and was prob- The monu- ably finished after the outbreak of the Peloponnesian meats on War.
  • Temple of Nike f s 5.

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