Sentence Examples

  • Since this takes place in a very controlled and regulated environment, it is an excellent way to introduce students to proper netiquette and blogging techniques without worrying about inappropriate content or links.
  • Although rules of etiquette and "netiquette" are much more relaxed in current times than in years past, it's still a good idea to limit cards with off-color or devilish humor to people you know very well.
  • The inclusion of a happy face or another form of smiley or emoticon helps to show immediately whether a comment is meant as a joke or in a light hearted way and is a great use of netiquette.
  • It's better "netiquette" to simply let them find the MySpace surveys on your site and then choose whether or not they'd like to actually take part in them.
  • The good chat rooms often are littered with people who do not understand the rules of etiquette on the web (also known as "netiquette."