Sentence Examples

  • - A, side view of the head region of Nereis cultrifera; B, dorsal view of the same.
  • Usually these A, Diagram of the nephridium of Nereis diversicolor.
  • In this category are included (by Goodrich and Lankester) the gonad ducts of the Oligochaeta, certain funnels without any aperture to the exterior that have been detected in Nereis, &c., funnels with wide and short ducts attached to nephridia in other Polychaeta, gonad ducts in the Capitellidae, the gonad ducts of the leeches.
  • Thus Nereis among the latter worms, from the resemblance which its excretory system bears to that of the Oligochaeta, may be made the starting-point of a series.
  • - Nereis pelagica.

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