Sentence Examples

  • Mineral waters - muriatic, alkaline chalybeate and sulphuric - occur widely.
  • Among the substances of which he investigated the composition were ammonia, sulphuretted hydrogen and prussic acid, and his experiments on chlorine, which he regarded, not as an element, but as oxygenated muriatic (oxymuriatic) acid, led him to propose it as a bleaching agent in 1785.
  • It was discovered in 1774 by Scheele, who called it dephlogisticated muriatic acid; about 1785, C. L.
  • Manufacture of Hydrochloric Acid (commercially also known as " muriatic acid ").
  • Under the head of "oxidable or acidifiable" substances, the combination of which with oxygen yielded acids, were placed sulphur, phosphorus, carbon, and the muriatic, fluoric and boracic radicles.

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