Sentence Examples

  • The common Malay deer is widely distributed, Cervus muntjac less so.
  • In the Asiatic muntjac deer we find a pair of skin-covered horns, or " pedicles," corresponding to the paired horns of the giraffe, although welded to the skull.
  • In the muntjac the bare bony part, or " antler," is small in proportion to the skin-covered pedicle, and simple in structure; but in the majority of deer the antler increases in size act the expense of the pedicle - which dwindles - and in some species, like the Siamese deer (fig.
  • Some of the more northern American deer, such as the wapiti, reindeer and elk (moose), are closely allied to Old World species; but there is also a group of exclusively American deer (Mazama) - the only one found in Central and South America - the members of which are unlike any living Old World deer; and these must be regarded as having reached the western hemisphere at an earlier date than the wapiti, reindeer and elk (see Deer, Elk, Fallow-Deer, Muntjac, Musk-Deer, Pre David'S Deer, Reindeer, Roebuck, Water-Deer, &c.).
  • Other species include the hog deer (C. porcinus), the barking deer or muntjac (Cervulus muntjac), and the chevrotain or mouse deer (Tragulus meminna).

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