Sentence Examples

  • MUNTJAC, the Indian name of a small deer typifying the genus Cervulus, all the members of which are indigenous to the southern and eastern parts of Asia and the adjacent islands, and are separated by marked characters from all their allies.
  • The antlers of the bucks are small and simple; The Indian Muntjac (Cervulus muntjac).
  • From this feature the name rib-faced deer has been suggested for the muntjac. The upper canine teeth of the males are large and sharp, projecting outside the mouth as tusks, and loosely implanted in their sockets.
  • In - the Indian muntjac the height of the buck is from 20 to 22 in.; allied types, some of which have received distinct names, occur in Burma and the Malay Peninsula and Islands.
  • Among these, the Burmese C. muntjac grandicornis is noteworthy on account of its large antlers.

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