Sentence Examples

  • To Xenophanes, the founder of Eleaticism - whom he must have known, even if he was never in any strict sense of the word his disciple - Parmenides was, perhaps, more deeply indebted, as the theological speculations of that thinker unquestionably suggested to him the theory of Being and Not-Being, of the One and the Many, by which he sought to reconcile Ionian " monism," or rather " henism," with Italiote dualism.
  • The severing of the natural and the supernatural, the Catholic monism, the unity of the life of faith as willed by God.
  • By his recognition of an apparent plurality supplementary to the real unity, he effected the transition from the " monism " or " henism " of the first physical succession to the " pluralism " of the second.
  • The Stoic system is in brief: (a) materialism, (b) dynamic materialism, lastly (c) monism or pantheism.
  • But until dualism had been thought out, as in the Peripatetic school, it was impossible that monism (or at any rate materialistic monism) should be definitely and consciously maintained.

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