Sentence Examples

  • Monazite, a phosphate of thorium and other rare earths, contains on the average about i cc. per gram.
  • If thorianite cannot be obtained, monazite, which is more abundant, may be utilized.
  • Under all these three conditions the diamond is associated with fragments of the rocks of the country and the minerals derived from them, 'especially quartz, hornstone, jasper, the polymorphous oxide of titanium (rutile, anatase and brookite), oxides and hydrates of iron (magnetite, ilmenite, haematite, limonite), oxide of tin, iron pyrites, tourmaline, garnet, xenotime, monazite, kyanite, diaspore, sphene, topaz, and several phosphates, and also gold.
  • CERIUM (symbol Ce, atomic weight 140.25), a metallic chemical element which occurs with the rare earths in the minerals cerite, samarskite, euxenite, monazite, parisite and many yttrium minerals.
  • Thorium has proved to be very widely, although extremely sparingly, distributed: pyrochlor, orangite, monazite, euxenite, gadolonite, orthite, and in fact most of the rare minerals of this type contain it (see B.

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