Sentence Examples

  • Chem., 1848, 44, P. 301), or by long fusion of a mixture of ammonium molybdate, potassium carbonate, and boron trioxide (W.
  • The ordinary ammonium molybdate, used as a test reagent for phosphates, is a salt of composition (NH4)10M012041; it has been examined physicochemically by J.
  • Molybdenum trisulphide, MoS3, is obtained by saturating a solution of an alkaline molybdate with sulphuretted hydrogen and adding a mineral acid.
  • Ann., 1826, 8, p. 23), by converting lead molybdate into lead nitrate, obtained the value 95.
  • Chem., 18 94, 5, p. 280), by heating pure sodium molybdate in hydrochloric acid and estimating the amount of sodium chloride formed, obtained the value 96.087.

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