Sentence Examples

  • The Pathans include all the strongest and most warlike tribes of the NorthWest frontier of India, such as the Afridis, Orakzais, Waziris, Mohmands, Swatis and many other clans.
  • In the Indian frontier risings of 1897-98 the "mad mullah" of Swat led the attack upon the Malakand, while the Hadda mullah was largely responsible for the risings amongst the Mohmands, Afridis and Orakzais.
  • Bajour is inhabited almost exclusively by Tarkani (Tarkalanri) Pathans, sub-divided into Mamunds, Isazai, and Ismailzai, numbering together with a few Mohmands, Utmauzais, &c., about 10o,000.
  • To the south of Bajour is the wild mountain district of the Mohmands, a Pathan race.
  • Mohmands, Afridis, Orakzais and Shinwaris, as well as the Pathan tribes of the plains of Peshawar and those of Bangash and Khattak, although the derivation of some of these tribes from the true Durani stock is doubtful.

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