Sentence Examples

  • Under Tiberius mention is made of Treballia in Moesia, and the Emperor Maximin (2 35237) had been commander of a squadron of Triballi.
  • About 245 the emperor Philip the Arabian entrusted him with an important command on the Danube, and in 249 (or end of 248), having been sent to put down a revolt of the troops in Moesia and Pannonia, he was forced to assume the imperial dignity.
  • During his brief reign Decius was engaged in important operations against the Goths, who crossed the Danube and overran the districts of Moesia and Thrace.
  • At the same time, living in Moesia, he is restricted in his outlook to Danubian affairs.
  • But the feeling in Vespasian's favour quickly gathered strength, and the armies of Moesia, Pannonia and Illyricum soon declared for him, and made him in fact master of half of the Roman world.