Sentence Examples

  • From the lender's perspective, the completed modular home is usually considered for a traditional home mortgage and does not have the restrictions required for other forms of manufactured housing such as mobile homes.
  • Gensini developed a stainless steel modular bracelet that could hold a series of removable charm links and later founded the Nomination jewelry company, which specializes in Italian composable charm bracelets.
  • In the 1990s, other jewelry manufacturers in Italy and the United States started designing composable charms and modular bracelets similar to Gensini's model, and they called them Italian charm jewelry.
  • Watch out for Toto toilets with modular roughs; they can fit any size rough-in with the purchase of an extra rough, but they also mean you'll have to move your water supply 3-inches to the left.
  • While the vast majority of granite countertops are made of slabs - large 1-1/4 inch thick pieces of stone - alternatives such as modular and tile counters are increasing in popularity as well.