Sentence Examples

  • And the rych men that bath moche catell wold have the advantage, and the poore man can have no help nor relefe in wynter when he bath moste nede; and if an acre of lande be worthe sixe pens, or it be enclosed, it will be worth VIII.
  • (2) The second section of the coast-region includes the valleys of the Morrope, the Chiclayo, and Lambayeque, the Sana, the Jequetepeque, the Chicama, Moche, Viru and Chao.
  • These are the cloisters of La Brang (Jokhang) and Ra Moche, still, though much changed and enlarged, the most sacred abbeys in Tibet, and the glory of Lhasa.
  • The city stands on the arid, sandy plain (Mansiche, or Chimu), which skirts the coast from Paita south to Santa, a few miles north of the Moche or Chimu river, and at the northern entrance to the celebrated Chimu Valley.
  • North of Trujillo, but others lie more to the eastward and still others southward of the banks of the Moche.