Sentence Examples

  • These are all classified as lisping and include excessive pressure by the tongue against the teeth, the tongue held too far back along the midline of the palate, and a "substitute hiss" produced in the throat or larynx.
  • Following the NST, an US is done to observe the amount of amniotic fluid present in four quadrants, which are divided along the umbilicus midline and perpendicular to the midline.
  • The most common site for encephalocele is along the front-to-back midline of the skull, usually at the rear, although frontal encephaloceles are more common among Asians.
  • Laser midline glossectomy involves surgically modifying the size and shape of the soft tissue portions of the tongue's base.
  • You can even get a one piece swimsuit with a belt to break the midline and perhaps create the illusion of a tankini.