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  • M'H Exod.
  • If a small magnet of moment M is placed in the sensibly uniform field H due to a distant magnet, the couple tending to turn the small magnet upon an axis at right angles to the magnet and to the force is MH sin 0, (17) where 0 is the angle between the axis of the magnet and the direction of the force.
  • The product MH is first determined by suspending the magnet horizontally, and causing it to vibrate in small arcs.
  • If A is the moment of inertia of the magnet, and t the time of a complete vibration, MH = 41r 2 A/t 2 (torsion being neglected).
  • We get therefore M 2 = MH X M/H = 27r 2 A(d 2 - l 2) 2 tan 0/t 2 d (42) s H 2 =Mhxh/M = 87r 2 Ad/tt 2 (d 2 -1 2) 2 tan B} (43) When a high degree of accuracy is required, the experiments and calculations are less simple, and various corrections are applied.

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