Sentence Examples

  • Blanc (Comptes rendus, 1903, 136, p. 1460), prepared hydrocarbons of the cyclo-pentane series from cyclo- hexane compounds by the exhaustive methylation process of A.
  • It is identical' with the hydrotropilidine, which results by the destructive methylation of tropane.
  • On oxidation it yields methyl granatic ester, which, by the exhaustive methylation process, is converted into homopiperylene dicarboxylic ester, HO 2 C CH :CH CH 2 CH 2 CH :C. H CO 2 H, from which suberic acid may be obtained on reduction.
  • By the electrolytic reduction of pseudopelletierine, N-methyl granatanine is obtained, and this by exhaustive methylation is converted into A O des-dimethyl granatanine.
  • It combines directly with methyl iodide to form dimethyl coninium iodide, C10H22NI, which by the destructive methylation process of A.

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