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  • No notable rivers flow into Lake Michigan, the largest being the Big Manistee and Muskegon on the east shore, and on the west shore the Menominee and the Fox, both of which empty into Green Bay, the most important arm of the lake.
  • From its mouth by the Menominee flowing from the west and a short distance from the lake by the Kinnikinnic flowing from the south.
  • Of these by far the most important are the township of Wauwatosa (pop., 1905, state census, 11,132), and the city of the same name, separated from the township in 1897 and having in 1905 a population of 2913; the city and township are on the Menominee river, immediately adjoining the city on the west.
  • In the Menominee river valley the peculiar cream-coloured Milwaukee bricks are made.
  • Milwaukee was on the direct route of travel between Fort Dearborn (Chicago) and the flourishing settlement at Green Bay, and at once after the treaties between the United States and the Menominee in 1831 and 1833 for the extinguishing of the Indian titles, settlers began to come to the neighbourhood.

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