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  • The principal passes are those followed by the old roads: - (1) from Sebasteia to Tephrike and the upper valley of the western Euphrates; (2) from Sebasteia to Melitene, by way of the pass of Delikli Tash and the basin of the Tokhma Su; (3) from Caesarea to Arabissus, by the Kuru Chai and the valley of Cocysus (Geuksun).
  • There were many Christians in Melitene at the time of the Decian persecution in A.D.
  • Transplanted many Paulicians from Germanicia, Doliche, Melitene, and Theodosiupolis (Erzerum), to Thrace, to defend the empire from Bulgarians and Sclavonians.
  • 381), Catholic bishop and saint, was born at Melitene in Lesser Armenia of wealthy and noble parents.
  • Those descending from Geuksun (Cocysus), Albistan-Yarpuz (Arabissus), and Malatia (Melitene)---is shown to have had early importance, not only by the occurrence of Marasi in Assyrian inscriptions, but by the discovery of several "Hittite" monuments on the spot.

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