Sentence Examples

  • The fructification consists of long, lax spikes, with whorled sporophylls; indications of megaspores have been detected in the sporangia.
  • And contain either an im The upper sporangia contain numermense number of minute ous microspores; in each of the lower spores or a very small number sporangia four megaspores are shown.
  • The spores of this genus are curiously winged, and intermediate in size between the microspores and megaspores of Lepidostrobus; the question of homospory or heterospory is not yet decided.
  • The megaspores (reaching 2 mm.
  • In Selaginellites Suissei there was a definite strobilus bearing both microand megasporangia; in each of the latter from 16 to 24 megaspores were contained; in Selaginellites primaevus, however, the number of megaspores was only 4, and the resemblance to a recent Selaginella was thus complete.

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