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  • In Germany there are two classes of nobility: (t) the hoher Adel, members of the mediatized, formerly sovereign families, who rank as the equals in blood (ebenbiirtig) of the royal houses of Europe; (2) the niederer Adel, to which every one having the nobiliary prefix von belongs.
  • The upper consists of princes of the grand-ducal family, heads of mediatized houses, the head of the Roman Catholic and the superintendent of the Protestant church, the chancellor of the university, two elected representatives of the land-owning nobility, and twelve members nominated by the grand duke.
  • In its modern usage it is practically confined to the money endowment given to the younger children of reigning or mediatized houses in Germany and Austria, which reverts to the state or to the head of the family on the extinction of the line of the original grantee.
  • In 1806, on the formation of the Confederation of the Rhine, the sovereign counts were all mediatized (see Mediatization).
  • In Germany, for instance, there are several categories of counts: (1) the mediatized princely counts (gefiirstete Grafen), who are reckoned the equals in blood of the European sovereign houses, an equality symbolized by the "closed crown" surmounting their armorial bearings.

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