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  • Some of these inherit titles, sovereign under the old empire, but " mediatized " during the years of its collapse at the beginning of the 19th century, e.g.
  • Besides these mediatized princes, who transmit their titles and their privilege of " royal " blood to all their legitimate descendants, there are also in Austria and Germany " princes," created by the various German sovereigns, and some dating from the period of the old empire, who take a lower rank, as not being " princes of the Holy Roman Empire " nor entitled to any royal privileges.
  • Bavaria), for the cadets of mediatized ducal and princely families.
  • The Indian states are sometimes described as " Feudatory States," sometimes " Independent and Protected States " (Twiss), sometimes " Mediatized States " (Chesney), sometimes " Half-Sovereign," sometimes as in a position of " subordinate alliance " (Lord Salisbury, Parliamentary Papers, 1897 [c. 87001.
  • Ten of them are under direct treaty with the government of India; others are held under sanads and deeds, of fealty and obedience; while a third class, known as the mediatized states, are held under agreements mediated by the British government between them and their superior chiefs.

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