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  • 6, 8., The title "elect one," used by the Armenian Paulicians also has a Manichean ring.
  • Of the nine fundamental laws of that Priscillian, whose widespread heresy evoked from the synod of Saragossa (418) the canon, " No one shall fast on Sunday, nor may any one absent himself from church during Lent and hold a festival of his own," appears, on the question of fasting, not to have differed from the Encratites and various other sects of Manichean tendency (c. 406).
  • In Augustine's work against Faustus the Manichean (xx.
  • The Paulicians were, according to Esc., Manicheans, so called after Paul of Samosata, son of a Manichean woman Callinice.
  • The term "rulers" appears to be derived from Manichean speculation, or from the same cycle of myth which is reflected in Cor.

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