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  • The Stoic philosophers, especially Crates of Mallus, arguing from the love of nature for life, placed an oekumene in each quarter of the sphere, the three unknown worldislands being those of the Antoeci, Perioeci and Antipodes.
  • Together with another seer, Amphilochus, Mopsus founded Mallus in Cilicia after the return from Troy; and in a quarrel for its possession both lost their lives.
  • Seems to indicate that the Frankish power extended south of the Loire, since it speaks of men dwelling "trans Legerem" being summoned to the mallus (judicial assembly) and being allowed eighty nights for their journey.
  • The most celebrated critics were Zenodotus; Aristophanes of Byzantium, to whom we owe the theory of Greek accents; Crates of Mallus; and Aristarchus of Samothrace, confessedly the coryphaeus of criticism.
  • From about 168 B.C. the head of the Pergamene school was Crates of Mallus, who (like the Stoics) was an adherent of the principle of " anomaly " in grammar, and was thus opposed to Aristarchus of Alexandria, the champion of " analogy."

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