Sentence Examples

  • But this has often been the case with the high magistracies of commonwealths whose constitutions were purely democratic.
  • Thus he hired a mercenary bodyguard, and utilized for his own purposes the public revenues; he kept the chief magistracies (through which he ruled) in the hands of his family; he imposed a general tax 1 of I o% (perhaps reduced by Hippias to 5%) on the produce of the land, and thus obtained control over the fleet and spread the burden of it over all the citizens (see the spurious letter of Peisistratus to Solon, Diog.
  • Those who were thus excluded from the tribes and centuries had no vote, were incapable of filling Roman magistracies and could not serve in the army.
  • Under the influence of Diodes the constitution became a still more confirmed democracy, some at least of the magistracies being filled by lot, as at Athens (Diod.
  • There is telegraphic communication between the magistracies and townships and with Natal.

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