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  • HARTEBEEST, the Boer name for a large South African antelope (also known as caama) characterized by its red colour, long face with naked muzzle and sharply angulated lyrate horns, which are present in both sexes.
  • Both sexes carry lyrate horns; the shoulder-height of an adult male is about 30 in., and an average pair of horns measures 14 in.
  • The horns are more or less lyrate,and generally developed in both sexes; there are frequently brushes of hair on the knees.
  • Lyrate or sub-lyrate horns in both sexes, and by the white of the buttocks not extending on to the haunches.
  • With the palla, or impala(A epyceros melampus), we reach an exclusively African genus, characterized by the lyrate horns of the bucks, the absence of lateral hoofs, and the presence of a pair of glands with black tufts of hair on the hind-feet.

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