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  • Which the area represents from the following formula, which is expressed in terms of the absolute temperature T, of the steam at the steam-pipe, and the temperature T2= 461°H-212° =673° absolute corresponding to the back pressure: - Maximu per pound oflsteaelwork =U=(T - T) (i -f -Lr--.1) - T2loge.Tr--2.
  • (n+--r-1)lr!=n[r]lr!; this may, by analogy with the notation of �41, be denoted by n [r 7.
  • Now if k denotes the component of absolute velocity in a direction fixed in space whose direction cosines are 1, m, n, k=lu+mv+nw; (2) and in the infinitesimal element of time dt, the coordinates of the fluid particle at (x, y, z) will have changed by (u', v', w')dt; so that Dk dl, do dt dt dt dt + dtw +1 (?t +u, dx +v, dy +w, dz) +m (d +u dx + v dy +w' dz) dw, dw +n (dt ?dx+v?dy +w dz) But as 1, m, n are the direction cosines of a line fixed in space, dl= m R-n Q, d m = nP-lR an =1Q-mP dt dt ' dt ' so that Dk __ du, du, du, du dt l (dt -vR+ wQ+u + v dy + w dz) +m(..
  • Also P. Paulitschke, Harar: Forschungsreise nach den Smalland Galla-Lr ndern Ost-Afrikas (Leipzig, 1888).
  • In the case of the sphere, for instance, whose radius is R, the area of the section at distance x from the centre is lr(R 2 -x 2), which is a quadratic function of x; the values of So, Si, and S2 are respectively o, 7rR 2, and o, and the volume is therefore s.

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