Sentence Examples

  • Misnamed Candy: Food is always a popular Christmas gift, and humorously named candy such as reindeer droppings (often chocolate covered peanuts or raisins) or coal (typically black licorice bites) can be a cute but still tasty gift.
  • Examples are vitamin C (to boost the immune system), zinc (to reduce the frequency of HSV outbreaks), aloe (a possible antiviral), lemon balm (to speed healing), and licorice (with anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects).
  • This tea features the calming ingredients of the company's popular Sleepytime tea (spearmint and soothing Egyptian chamomile), plus licorice root, lemongrass, ginger and slippery elm bark to help coat the throat.
  • Enrapture lip gloss is available in a hot magenta sprinkled with gold and a hint of raspberry scent or a clear coat with a slight licorice scent that adds a gentle gold shimmery touch to your lips.
  • You'll need a flat spatula; a sturdy zip-top bag or pastry bag and round decorating tip; two pieces of string-like licorice to use as antennae; and red, black, and white buttercream frosting.