Sentence Examples

  • Lf, fertile lobe full of pollen; ls, barren lobe without pollen; e, connective; f, filament.
  • 0,Leuca Santa 0 lf G.of Chander li r tiaid arPash o 1 SEA OF KQUIn ?
  • Again, the half-period of x i irf-~ lf(a) +3a_if(a) ~, and since the angular velocity in the orbit i h/af, approximately, the apsidal angle is, ultimately, IS f(a) ?
  • E~tddingtons real work was the peace of Amiens (1802), In experimental peace, as the king called it, to see Lf the First Consul could be contented to restrain Liimself within the very wide limits by which his authority in Europe was still circumscribed.

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