Sentence Examples

  • A system of waterways (the Geeste and Hadelner canals, meeting one another at Bederkesa) connects the estuary of the Weser with that of the Elbe; a canal between the Hunte and the Leda gives connexion with the Ems. On the upper Weser (above Bremen) the navigation, which is interrupted by occasional rapids, is assisted by locks and weirs.
  • `EMv), in Greek mythology, daughter of Zeus by Leda (wife of Tyndareus, king of Sparta), sister of Castor, Pollux and Clytaemnestra, and wife of Menelaus.
  • LEER, a town and river port in the Prussian province of Hanover, lying in a fertile plain on the right bank of the Leda near its confluence with the Ems, and at the junction of railways to Bremen, Emden and Minster.
  • To this time may also belong a lost Leda, standing upright with the god in swan's guise at her side and the four children near their feet.
  • Among the paintings exhibited by the artist are a " Venus," to which was awarded a medal in 1883, " Leda " (1884), and " Michaelangelo studying Anatomy " (1885) - his most dramatic work in this medium.