Sentence Examples

  • The cave of Machpelah became the grave of Isaac, Rebekah and Leah (but not Rachel); and though Jacob ' In 2 Sam.
  • The northern standpoint appears when Rachel, mother of Joseph and Benjamin, is the favoured wife in contrast to the despised Leah, mother of Judah and Simeon; when Joseph is supreme among his brethren; and when Judah is included among the "sons" of Israel.
  • Leah, meadow), e.g.
  • The beautiful story of Jacob's fortunes at Haran is among the best examples of Hebrew narrative: how he served seven years for Rachel, "and they seemed a few days for the love he had to her," and was tricked by receiving the elder sister Leah, and how he served yet another seven years, and at last won his love.
  • ISSACHAR (a Hebrew name meaning apparently "there is a hire," or "reward"), Jacob's ninth "son," his fifth by Leah; also the name of a tribe of Israel.

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