Sentence Examples

  • This view can be briefly stated as follows: Everywhere in the wide realm of observation we find three distinct 1 See Vogt, Physiologische Briefe (1845-1847); Moleschott, Der Kreislauf des Lebens (1852); Buchner, Kraft and Stoff (1855).
  • In 1852 he became lecturer in medicine at the university of Tubingen, where he published his great work Kraft and Stoi' (18J5).
  • "Just as a steamengine," he says in Kraft and Stoff (7th ed., p. 130), "produces motion, so the intricate organic complex of force-bearing substance in an animal organism produces a total sum of certain effects, which, when bound together in a unity, are called by us mind, soul, thought."
  • Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen, Letters on Strategy (Eng.
  • According to Michel and Kraft, one litre of cold saturated solution of tin crystals weighs 1827 grammes and contains 1333 grammes of SnCl 2.

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