Sentence Examples

  • PAROPAMISUS, the name given by the Greeks to the parts of the Hindu Kush bordering Kohistan to the north-west of Kabul.
  • It may be considered to embrace the whole of the plains called Koh Daman and Beghram, &c., to the Hindu Kush northward, with the Kohistan or hill country adjoining.
  • Pointers are bred in the Kohistan of Kabul and above Jalalabad - large, heavy, slow-hunting, but fine-nosed and staunch; very like the old double-nosed Spanish pointer.
  • In the scientific use of the appellation, Dardistan comprises the whole of Chitral, Yasin, Panyal, the Gilgit valley, Hunza and Nagar, the Astor valley, the Indus valley from Bunji to Batera, the Kohistan-Malazai, i.e.
  • The upper reaches of the Panjkora river, and the Kohistan of Swat.

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