Sentence Examples

  • The knower may say, "I know this absolutely," or he may say, "I know this absolutely."
  • With the emphasis upon the object of knowledge," I know this, " we have the other sense of absoluteness of knowledge: it is an assertion that the knower knows the" this,"whatever it may be, in its essence or as it truly is in itself.
  • Hence it is common nowadays to hold that there is indeed a difference between knower and known, ego and non-ego, subject and object, but that they are inseparable; or that all known things are objects and subjects inseparably connected in 239 experience.
  • That was the only way you could know something—and when the "Knower" died, the knowledge was gone, unless it had been shared with (and memorized by) someone else.
  • Even if Knower #1 taught someone the fact, story, etc., what if Knower #2 didn't remember it?

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