Sentence Examples

  • The whole drainage is collected by the Kishon, which runs through a narrow gorge at the north-west corner of the plain, descending beside the ridge of Carmel to the sea.
  • The Kishon is fed by springs from near Tabor and from a copious stream from the west side of the plain of Esdraelon.
  • Among the perennial streams may be mentioned the Na'aman, south of Acre; the Mukatta` Kishon, at Haifa; the Nahr ez-Zerka, sometimes called the Crocodile River - so named from the crocodiles still occasionally to be seen in it; the Nahr el-Falik; the `Aujeh a few miles north of Jaffa and the Nahr Rubin.
  • The chief valleys of this region are the Nahr Na'aman and its branches, which runs into the sea south of Acre, and the Wadi Mukatta`, or Kishon, which joins the sea at Haifa.
  • This was immediately followed by the destruction of the false prophets, slain by Elijah beside the brook Kishon (xviii.

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