Sentence Examples

  • Iu] nius Iuvenalis trib.
  • The article " Aphrodite " 1 No satisfactory etymology of the name has been given; although the first part is usually referred to iu pos (" the sea foam "), it is equally probable that it is of Eastern origin.
  • Consonanbs.On the liquids 1, m, n, r there is little to be remarked, except that the last-named letter has two proiitiiciationsoee soft (voiced), as in amor, burla, the other hard (voiceless), as iu rendir, tierra (Old Cast, in this case goes so far as to double the initial consonant: rrendir)and that n is often inserted before s and d: ensayo,, mensage, rendir (redder a).
  • Arago, the index, u for air at t° C. and at atmospheric pressure is given by 00029 iu 1-1 + 0037t.
  • The mineral, crushed small enough to pass a sieve with perforations iu in.