Sentence Examples

  • P. 157); (2) the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal (Id.
  • 6, ABC is an isosceles triangle right D FIG.
  • Take any two arbitrary directions in the plane of the paper, and draw a small isosceles triangle abc, whose sides are perpendicular to the two directions, and consider the equilibrium of a small triangular prism of fluid, of which the triangle is the cross section.
  • If both places have the same latitude we have to deal with an isosceles triangle, of which two sides and the included angle are given.
  • 32 was first proved in a general way by the Pythagoreans; but, on the other hand, we learn from Geminus that the ancient geometers observed the equality to two right angles in each kind of triangle - in the equilateral first, then in the isosceles, and lastly in the scalene (Apoll.

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