Sentence Examples

  • - No isomerism can occur in the monosubstitution derivatives but ordinary position isomerism exists in the dian .d poly-substitution compounds.
  • Stereo-isomerism may occur: the simplest examples are the dibasic acids, where a cis- (maleinoid) form and a trans- (fumaroid) form have been observed.
  • As regards the isomerism of the pyridine substitution products, three mono-derivatives are known, the different positions being indicated by the Greek, letters a, s and y, as shown in the inset formula.
  • Stereo-Isomerism); thus parachlorbenzophenone oxime exists in two different forms (V.
  • For a discussion as to the composition, and whether it is to be regarded as possessing the "keto" form CH3�CO�CH2�000C2H5 or the "enol" form CH 3 �C(OH): CH�C00C 2 H 5, see Isomerism, and also papers by J.

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