Sentence Examples

  • He then proceeded to clear Pomerania of the piebald imperial host composed of every nationality under heaven, and officered by Italians, Irishmen, Czechs, Croats, Danes, Spaniards and Walloons.
  • Out of the rival " defenders " Ribbonism in part sprung, and the United Irishmen drew from both sources (1791).
  • Swift and Berkeley did not consider themselves Irishmen at all.
  • " And let us not forget," he added, " that that is the ultimate goal at which all we Irishmen aim.
  • In February 1883 Mr Trevelyan gave an account of his stewardship at Hawick, and said that all law-abiding Irishmen, whether Conservative or Liberal, were on one side, while on the other were those who " planned and executed the Galway and Dublin murders, the boycotting and firing into houses, the mutilation of cattle and intimidation of every sort."

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