Sentence Examples

  • The Mantuan peasant was grieved at the notion of his harvest being gathered by barbarian soldiers, and the Irishman could not be better pleased to see his destroyed.
  • No individual Irishman was taxed on a higher scale than any corresponding citizen of Great Britain.
  • In this connexion it is interesting to find an Irishman named Fith (also called Iserninus) associated with St Patrick at Auxerre.
  • The Irishman, in his own language at any rate, seems incapable of a sustained literary effort, a consequence of which is that he invents the most intricate measures.
  • On the 14th of January 1217 the king wrote from Oxford to his justiciary, Geoffrey de Marisco, directing that no Irishman should be elected or preferred in any cathedral in Ireland, Objections "since by that means our land might be disturbed, to Irish which is to be deprecated."

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